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AM Med Solutions, Inc. is a top-notch medical and dental billing, and consulting company.

Revenue Cycle Management

The cycle which can be defined as, “Every administrative and clinical function that is needed to the capture, manage, and collect revenue from servicing patients. The revenue cycle management process begins as soon as a patient schedules an appointment, and it ends when your practice has accepted all payments.”

Errors can be very costly as it delays payments, or you receive no payment at all. Revenue cycle process is highly complex and costly, and that is why you need experts to handle this complex process 24/7 with specialized agents and proprietary technologies like ours.


Medical Coding and Billing

The most important aspect of medical billing is understanding coding regulations. Optimal coding compliance results in higher revenues and decreases claim denials from insurance companies.

The only way to avoid unnecessary penalties and recoupments is to have experts who understand regulations and who will keep you from losing money.

Medical billing is getting increasingly more complicated, especially as payment methodology is fast changing. Our team of experts will handle the complexity of the revenue cycle while you focus on providing the best care patients have come to expect.

AR Analysis and Recovery

Account receivables or in other terms, the money you should have but you don’t. You have been seeing patients and sending claims out to insurance companies and patients however, they don’t pay.

As more time passes, less chances you have to recover this money. Our team of experts analyze your current AR and determine the best course of action to bring this money to you.


Out of Network Billing

Out of network billing is very complex and should only be handled by experts. Not knowing the rules and regulations surrounding Out of Network billing can cost you in many ways. On the same token knowing how to bill and collect by staying out of network can be very lucrative.

Credentialing, Contracting and Contract Negotiations

Without credentialing it is almost impossible to have a medical business. Knowing the ins and outs of credentialing is extremely important to get faster and better contracts from payors.

Contract negotiations can help you stay at par with your peers who are possibly earning more for the same contracts you may have signed with the insurance companies. We help you fight for what is rightfully your compensation for the excellent work you do.

Practice Management and Business Succession planning

Our team of experts can help you manage your day-to-day activities while you focus on seeing patients and providing the best care they have come to expect.

We take care of everything from business negotiations to staffing, business expansion, and even business succession planning for when you decide to retire.

Telehealth Management Services

Please click here to learn about Telehealth services: TESNIK Health